They sent me to Binghamton

I've always wanted to be on the east coast, and the universe responded…by sending me to Binghamton, NY. Oh you've never heard of it? Neither had I, but I do so love adventures and that's how I choose to view this. Let the adventures begin!

Sunday Mornings of Life

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“Sometimes I’m alone but never lonely
That’s what I’ve come to realize
I’ve learned to love the quiet moments
The Sunday mornings of life” – India Arie, Private Party

I love alone time. I’ve come to realize that I’m actually happiest when I’m alone, either sitting at home reading a book or off on some spontaneous adventure. Last weekend I did a little of both. I spent Saturday night on my couch with my kitties, book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

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The next day I felt antsy about wasting such a beautiful day at home, so I decided to go to Ithaca!


Road trip!

Of course, as soon as I got there I wanted to eat some food so I went to good ol’ Yelp and decided to go to the Carriage House Cafe. I ordered the “Breakfast Entree” but it sure didn’t look like breakfast to me!


Breakfast Entree – Lamb with Poached Duck Egg and Side Salad

It was absolutely delicious! Afterwards, I walked for a bit in the Commons then headed over to Deeply Devoted Massage for an hour session of relaxation. It was so good I woke myself up with a snore. True story. I normally don’t like frou frou massages but she also managed to rub out some of the knots in my neck and shoulders so I really liked it. It was a good combination of relaxation and ouchation.

On my way home I started to feel hungry again so I decided to try Beef & Brew Restaurant, which my co-worker keeps recommending to me every time I mention going to Ithaca. He was right, it was pretty good!


On my way to the restaurant I noticed a visitor’s center by Seneca Lake so I decided to stop there for a bit and I’m really glad I did. This was actually the best part of my impromptu trip. I love basking in nature’s beauty, without a care in the world.

WP_20140706_005  WP_20140706_022  weremember   WP_20140706_003  WP_20140706_004  WP_20140706_010  WP_20140706_011  WP_20140706_012

The beauty of upstate New York still never fails to astound me. It rained the other day and I swear the trees and bushes grew. After a few hours just hanging out at the Geneva Visitor Center while listening to some live music, I finally decided to head home. The Taughannock Falls State Park happened to be on the way home so I decided to stop by briefly. There’s a trail there too so I’m going to have to go back to explore. In the meantime, I enjoyed the view of the falls and the entrance to the trail.

WP_20140706_024  WP_20140706_027  WP_20140706_028

I didn’t want to get home too late so I left after a few minutes.


Beautiful Drive Home

It was a great weekend and definitely left me feeling refreshed.


Author: lorz46

When I first started this blog, life had just thrown me a curveball by sending me to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York right smack in the middle of winter from my hometown in sunny, southern California. I had no idea what to expect, how long I would stay, or even where my life was heading. All I knew was that there were a great many adventures to be had after they sent me to Binghamton.

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