They sent me to Binghamton

I've always wanted to be on the east coast, and the universe responded…by sending me to Binghamton, NY. Oh you've never heard of it? Neither had I, but I do so love adventures and that's how I choose to view this. Let the adventures begin!

Team Black Love

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This past weekend four of us from GSR CrossFit competed in the Keystone State Classic CrossFit competition (scaled division) hosted by Stroud CrossFit. We came to the event armed with matching shoes, badass shirts, and a whole lotta love for our team, which we have affectionately named “Team Black.”

team black


Many thanks to my talented cousin for designing the shirts! Once other people from the gym saw them they immediately wanted one as well, to which I replied:


We came with the intent of just having fun and getting some experience at a competition, but then we realized…NO. We must win.

win all the things

I’m not going to go into the details of what the workouts were because, quite frankly, I just don’t feel like it. 😛 But if you’re truly curious, you can visit the Keystone State Classic webpage for more information. I will instead focus on the lessons learned.

Lesson #1: Work on mastering skills.

As usual, I was reminded that I really need to get some of these skills down. We had to compete at the scaled division because two of us cannot do muscle ups and one event required both ring and bar muscle ups. I’ve managed to get three ring muscle ups in my lifetime but they are so ugly and inefficient, they cannot be shown in public.



Of course I always aim to get stronger. I do feel good about the fact that I completely blew the other girls out of the water in the scaled division when it came to the heavy portion of the competition and that I also did pretty well in comparison to the Rx girls. What I do need to work on is my working weight when it comes to certain lifts. Specifically, I need to get my working snatch weight at 95 lbs and overhead squat weight at 115 lbs. Currently, I’m probably at 85 lbs for a working weight for snatches and possibly 95 lbs for a working weight for overhead squats. Looks like I need to lift more! (YES!)

And above all else…

Lesson #3: Have fun!

There really is no point if it isn’t fun. Of course, there’s a tremendous amount of training I need to do in preparation which is not all fun and games but during competition day, I should be having fun.

We ended up doing pretty well, second place overall. We got first place in the strength portion, third place in the skills and endurance portion, then second in the final workout for the top three teams. We all did the best that we could and had a lot of fun in the process.

team black 2

group shot

Till next time! 😀


Author: lorz46

When I first started this blog, life had just thrown me a curveball by sending me to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York right smack in the middle of winter from my hometown in sunny, southern California. I had no idea what to expect, how long I would stay, or even where my life was heading. All I knew was that there were a great many adventures to be had after they sent me to Binghamton.

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