They sent me to Binghamton

I've always wanted to be on the east coast, and the universe responded…by sending me to Binghamton, NY. Oh you've never heard of it? Neither had I, but I do so love adventures and that's how I choose to view this. Let the adventures begin!

Popping my NYC Broadway Cherry, Eating, and CrossFit in the City

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This weekend I saw my very first NYC Broadway show!


When I first mentioned this to the friend I visited this weekend, I had apparently called it “If Else”…what can I say, I was thinking of the If/Else statements when coding…


In any case, it’s actually called “If/Then” and the theme is basically about the different lives the main character, Elizabeth (played by the amazing Idina Menzel), would have lived had she made a different choice on that one day in the park. I thought it was a really interesting concept, but really I wanted to watch it because Idina Menzel was in it and I must say, SHE IS AMAZING! I really recommend it!

You know what else I recommend? Having dinner at this restaurant called Pergola Des Artistes right before the show. It’s conveniently located on the same street as the Richard Rodgers Theatre (46th street). Excellent food and good service (since many people eat there prior to their show). It looks like a very unassuming place from the outside but oh man, the food! Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures…

I did, however, take pictures of some of the amazing food I had while in the city!

food nyc

TOP LEFT: Amazing breakfast at Tartine OTHERS: Unbelievably tasty dinner at the ABC Kitchen

I just absolutely LOVE the food in the city! LA has a variety of food as well in terms of types of food and culture but it’s all so spread out. In NYC though, it’s just a concentrated area of yummy goodness! If I lived down in the city, I would definitely not take all the amazing food for granted and eat out at least once every weekend.

Of course, with all that eating I felt the need to burn it off via CrossFit. Just kidding, I didn’t really feel guilty at all, I’m just that obsessed with CrossFit.


Yep, I’m one of those. So I dragged my friend with me to check out Brick CrossFit NYC and we both promptly got our asses kicked. ‘Twas glorious!

It’s a pretty awesome space and a lot larger than I expected, especially with NYC being so compact. They actually had another room available that’s not shown in this photo.


I also found this cute print out in the locker room.


After all that fun, I even managed to finish my midterm! Talk about being productive! Go me! Woot woot!


It was another great visit to the city and I find that the more I go, the more it grows on me. I think I actually could see myself living there…except for the insanely high rent. So, maybe not. I’m ok with being close enough to visit once in a while. 😛

Till next time, NYC!


Author: lorz46

When I first started this blog, life had just thrown me a curveball by sending me to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York right smack in the middle of winter from my hometown in sunny, southern California. I had no idea what to expect, how long I would stay, or even where my life was heading. All I knew was that there were a great many adventures to be had after they sent me to Binghamton.

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