They sent me to Binghamton

I've always wanted to be on the east coast, and the universe responded…by sending me to Binghamton, NY. Oh you've never heard of it? Neither had I, but I do so love adventures and that's how I choose to view this. Let the adventures begin!

When the leaves start to bud…

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… you clean your patio set and enjoy the sunshine!


Then you take out your spring clothes and sashay around in them with gusto!


And then you let the kitties out to soak in the sunshine!


This is my second spring here in the Northeast and it still amazes me how one day the trees are bare and the next the leaves are budding. You really cannot take the weather for granted around here. Not to say it was always sunny days and blue skies in California but the good definitely outweighs the bad when it comes to weather over there, and until you experience otherwise you don’t realize how easy it is to take it for granted. For instance, Facebook so kindly brought up a post I had made a few years back where I said something along the lines of, “California has such moody weather. One day it’s sunny and the next it’s all rainy.” I wanted to smack my past self in the back of the head. Moody? Please. Last weekend I was soaking up the sun in a bikini but the weekend before that it snowed. Now THAT’S moody.

In any case, I will continue celebrating this beautiful weather by eating ice cream. That and reading up on Spain because I’m leaving for Madrid, Barcelona, and possibly Toledo in a few days. Woohoo!


Author: lorz46

When I first started this blog, life had just thrown me a curveball by sending me to the middle of nowhere in upstate New York right smack in the middle of winter from my hometown in sunny, southern California. I had no idea what to expect, how long I would stay, or even where my life was heading. All I knew was that there were a great many adventures to be had after they sent me to Binghamton.

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