They sent me to Binghamton

I've always wanted to be on the east coast, and the universe responded…by sending me to Binghamton, NY. Oh you've never heard of it? Neither had I, but I do so love adventures and that's how I choose to view this. Let the adventures begin!


I left my heart in Barcelona


I’ve traveled quite a bit over the past few years but I’ve never felt a connection like I did with Barcelona. I fell in love with the city. The architecture, the beach, the beautiful people, and just… something about Barcelona spoke to me.





There’s also just so much history in Barcelona. Like the Barcelona Cathedral, where construction started back in the 11th century. 11th! That’s freaking 10 centuries ago!
I’m not exactly the most religious person, but I have to say I was encompassed with a feeling of peace and happiness once I entered the cathedral. I managed to get a few beautiful shots of the interior but afterwards I took a moment to enjoy the serenity that came over me.



Afterwards I made my way outside and circled the cathedral. There were quite a few performers around the cathedral, making it a very lively and entertaining scene.

I stayed out for quite a while on that first day until shortly before sunset, which is amazingly not until around 9pm in Spain. My feet told me it was time to go home but luckily I had the rest of the weekend to explore…and the rest of my life to come back. After all, I need to get my heart back at some point, right?


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Being filled with joie de vivre

joie de vivre
ˌʒwɑː də ˈviːvr(ə),French ʒwad vivʀ/
exuberant enjoyment of life.
  1. “they seem to be filled with joie de vivre”

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

You’ve never done it before?


About to go out of your comfort zone?

Life seems to be bogging you down with the minutiae of your every day life?

F*&k it. Just do it anyway.

😀 Hah, I’m kidding! Of course, handle your business and do what you have to do first. Just know that if it really is a priority for you, whatever it may be, you’ll make it happen and I truly do believe the universe will help you out. Trust yourself. Have faith.

As for me, I love to travel. I also love being alone. I just have never combined the two when it comes to international travel because…well, it’s really scary being a single woman traveling when it’s not something I’ve ever done before! Plus, given that I’m traveling to Paris, France shortly after the unfortunate events of November 13, 2015 happened, I was a bit worried. But…I really wanted to go and so…


All packed for Paris!

I also found this amazing place via Airbnb located pretty much in the center of the city.


“Street” where the Airbnb space was located


Really awesome space!

So I am currently embracing life, getting lost, and falling in love with this beautifully architected city.


Notre Dame (from the side)


View from the Notre Dame Tower


Louvre Museum


Pont des Arts


View from the Arc de Triomphe


Arc de Triomphe

Cheers to traveling internationally by yourself, not speaking the language but learning important words on the fly, such as vin chaud (hot wine).


Enjoying my very first cup of vin chaud!


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Free as a bird

In a few weeks, I will be embarking on my first solo international trip to Paris! Well, Paris, Versailles, likely Reims, and Zurich. SO excited!! This trip wasn’t initially intended as a solo trip but the people I would have gone with are unavailable, so I think it’s a sign for me to go forth and wander on my own!


Have I mentioned how much I’m loving life right now? I am truly blessed. 🙂


In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle… – Costa Rica Part 3

…the sloths sleep tonight (or morning, depending on which type of sloth).


My friend has an absolute obsession with sloths. I don’t get it, I really don’t. You know my first thought when someone mentions sloths? This awesome video:

It always makes me laugh. Every. Time.

But really though, she was just melting at the sight of them. She thought they were the cutest thing. I beg to differ.


Maybe I’m heartless, but that face does not melt my heart. Putting my sloth indifference aside, it was pretty interesting learning more about them at the Sloth Sanctuary in Puerto Viejo. We went on the sloth tour, which included a relaxing canoe ride and meeting the sloths that they’ve rescued.


It was really beautiful!




We came across crabs, water bugs, howling monkeys (we heard them, at least), and my friend even managed to save a butterfly from drowning!

canoe collage

Then we got introduced to the sloth residents, and two, in particular, stood out to me.

Meet Toyota, the one-armed sloth who was named “Toyota” because of his resilience and will to live. He was crossing an electrical wire, got electrocuted, then contracted Gangreen on his arm.


My hat’s off to you, sir, you’re a survivor!

And here we have Buttercup, who is known for her friendliness towards people. When we were first introduced to her, she was sleeping in the basket. My friend and I chatted with our tour guide for a moment and when we turned to look back, this is the position she was in.


Errr…is this how sloths say hi?

Fun facts I learned about sloths:

1. They are in perpetual food coma, which is why they move so slow. (They must be my spirit animal then lol)

2. They only go to the restroom once a week.

3. They actually do go to the “restroom,” because rather than go where they’re currently hanging, they actually climb down the tree to do their business. Our tour guide called them “clean” for this reason, but given that there are lots of creatures living in their fur (since they’re actually mostly fur), I would not call them clean.

4. They are legal to have as pets in California. I haven’t verified this but our tour guide said this in passing and for the duration of the trip, my friend kept saying how she’s going to own a pet sloth someday.

We also went to the Jaguar Rescue Center (also in Puerto Viejo), which I highly recommend visiting, because even though the name is misleading and there are no jaguars currently at the rescue center, you get pretty close to the animals that are there. The center basically rescues animals, rehabilitates them, then releases the animals back to the wild if they feel the animals will be able to survive on their own. Some are too permanently injured to be released in the wild and survive, while others, well, they just seem to find their way back.

This pissed-off looking ocelot was one such animal who just came back (twice!) after being released into the wild.


It was really cool to be on a tour where the animals are so close-by, just hanging out, all nonchalant.


This baby monkey tried to get on my head


We weren’t allowed to pet the doe but we got pretty close to it!


Hi, I’m an anteater, just sunbathing, no big deal

If you’re the type who enjoys nature and loves animals, Costa Rica is definitely a great place to go!